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Missing a subVI in pDaq library

Sérgio Magalhães


Hello to everyone,

I was hired to provide some maintenance in a code made in LabVIEW. I came across a personal DAQ 55 library, which I could find for download in (www.mccdaq.com - /downloads/example_programs/Product_Specific_Examples/IOTECH/PDaq50Series/LabVIEW/). However, one subVI is still missing and I couldn’t find anywhere, which is pDaqIOValueSetup.vi. Would you orient me about this one? It outputs the correct value in hexadecimal format to command the digital output hardware through the pDaqIOWrite.vi. I attached a print from the main VI in which this subVI appears. Is there a workaround?

Best regards,


Missing subVI.PNG

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