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Trouble using multiple USB-Temp



I used DasyLab 13.0 with six USB-TEMP to record temperature measured by 48 RTDs. I used two self-powered usb-hubs (5V/4A), each connecting to three USB-TEMP. 

The issue is that after a short while I started DasyLab, some USB-TEMP stopped recording data and the DasyLab was frozen. Even if I forcefully closed the DasyLab, I can not re-open it unless I restart my laptop. Can anyone help me troubleshoot it? Thanks a lot!

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Hello @Lida.

Which version of Windows OS are you running?

Are Windows’ hibernation and sleep modes disabled?

Please test each USB-TEMP module individually with DASYLab to confirm whether or not the issue is isolated to any one module.

If all modules do not show an issue on their own, then test one USB hub with three USB-TEMP modules. Is the issue repeatable?  If not, test both USB hubs with only one USB-TEMP module on each hub.  Is the issue repeatable?

Please simplify your worksheet to just the MCC-DRV Analog Input modules and a display module.  Is the issue repeatable?



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