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Legacy IOtech Serial488/4 bus controller issue.

Stacy R.


We have an old model GPIB to RS 232 converter that we just purchased used and I’m having an issue right out of the box. According to the manual: Powerup 2.8, it details the initialization of the converter. When I initialize ours, all lights come on except the 4 port lights stay on and the IEEE lights along with the error light are flashing. It does not seem to be initializing correctly. Is there a way to do a default reset to put this back into a factory state, or is our unit defective?

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Hello @Stacy R..

Can you share your manual and an image of your device?
Does the following data sheet match your device?


Here’s a link to some unsupported legacy software.


Do the links help?  Legacy products like this device are not supported by MCC. 



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