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voltage issue US and Rest of the world



Hello forum,

Are all the products that are found in your store deal with the voltage differences around the world or you are only concentrating to the USA consumers ? I am currently residing inside the Sweden and the voltage frequencies for the outlet is 230 V. I am very keen to go through the works you have outlined in your website and I would like to check some of the practical issues beforehand.







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Many of the products I personally have purchased work off of a USB power supply.  This includes the PIC32 chipKIT WF32, the CMod-S6, the Basys-3 and even the Arty.  Of these, the chipKIT and Arty also have connections for a power supply, and the board notes what voltage to provide: usually 7-15V.  The Basys-3 has connection points you can wire a power supply into.  Many of these products, to include all of those I just listed, do not come with the wall-wart necessary to bring the voltage down to 7-15V from either 120 or 230 V--that wall wart needs to be provided separately (if you are not using USB for power).  These are marketed as accessories which you can purchase separately.  Of these power supply accessories, many are 230V capable and some even have the European style plugs.  Check those out carefully before you buy, to make sure they meet your needs.  However, if they don't, understand that they are very generic power supplies, so you can probably purchase them from other sources if you need to.

Personally ... I would recommend you hold off on buying any power supply until you know you need it.  All of my work so far has been with boards connected via USB, and so I have yet to need the external supply.


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Hello Sajis,

Linked here is one of the power supplies that we have in our store. It can work with input voltage from 100V to 240V and comes with an European adapter for the plug. What I advise you, is to check the type of plug is used in Sweden because even in Europe, some countries use different kind of sockets, even if at 230V.

Best regards,


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