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Cooling solution for MCC172

Badr Tanane


Apologies if the subject has been treated elsewhere in the forum, I've checked but didn't find any lead. 
I have an MCC172 over my Rpi 4B. I've noticed that temperature goes into 60-65°C. Would you have in mind any cooling solution, like a fan that would be compatible with the Rpi+MCC172 ? In what disposition (fan between Rpi and MCC ? over them ?) ? Ideally with a case big enough to encase the whole thing in order to protect it.
Thank you in advance for your help !  

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Hello @Fausto
Indeed, it wasn't my intention to look for an official MCC list of the sort, more like to reach out to the community here using the MCC daqs over Rpis to get a feedback about what they might be using to cool their module. I've been looking into the Rpi community but it seems the MCC usage there isn't that common yet.

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