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Request: PDF manuals

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I like Digilent products, but I have a minor complaint:  Unless I've missed the link, the only "user manual" for the CMOD S7 is a web page.

I have a strong preference for PDF documentation, so I can (1) keep a copy on my local disk for times when I don't have internet access; (2) print a selected page or two for doing a highlighter-check against my application drawings; and (3) archive it along with the other reference data for a project.

Yes, I know I can use wget or similar to grab the html and graphic hierarchy, or print the web page to a pdf (and get a document with graphics split across multiple pages).  Web pages are fine for product advertising and feature summaries, but PDF is the gold standard for technical manuals.  Please consider generating the PDF manual first, then converting it to a web page if you feel you must.  Thank you.


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Thanks for the feedback.

This is a request we've gotten somewhat consistently over the years, and one that we should be taking more seriously. The general argument for going with web-based documentation is that it allows us to more quickly go in and fix potential errors - which obviously doesn't help in your case of saving documents alongside project materials, as those errors shouldn't exist in the first place, and wouldn't be updated unless you revisited the site. From our end, converting material to a PDF from a webpage instead of the other way around can be tricky, since it either adds more places to maintain the materials, or we have to rely on the same tools you've been trying to use. PDF first and then web page might be a better option, as you mention. We're looking for ways to give customers the best experience with our documentation that we can, and that just might including adding PDF manuals.

Thanks again,



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