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Replacement for PCI-DAS1000 with VEE

Mark McKinley


Working on updating an old Win2k machine using a PCI-DAS1000.

OS will need to be Win10 64 bit.

Existing code uses Cbv.h and cbv32.dll which seems to be ancient.

NI has the PCIe-6230 that seems to match up well feature wise, but NI and Keysight tend not to play well together at times.

It seems as if only 6 of the AI are being used on the existing card so perhaps one of the USB offerings from MCC such as USB-1608G would work, but not sure if the .dll provided will work with VEE.

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Hello @Mark McKinley.

The USB-1608G module is a good replacement for the PCI-DAS1000, if updating your OS to Windows 10.  You would need to install the latest version of InstaCal, which includes updated cbw.h, cbw32.dll, and cbw64.dll files.  Not aware if the current version of VEE supports the current version of InstaCal.



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