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Would I be able to use USB-231 to read analog in as well as use the GPIO ports



Hello so I have been using the mcculw library examples to record the counter frequency inputs using USB-CTR04 as well as the analog input using the 231 (every second) together within a GUI I integrated using python's tinker. In conjunction with these two I am trying to use the GPIO pins on the USB-231 to control valves that are going to be switching from high to low after x amount of time has passed but unfortunately when my program is recording data it is constantly switching back and forth between the USB-231 and USB-CTR04 seen on the terminal output I have attached below. Now would I be able to output an analog signal after x amount of time has passed while I am recording the analog inputs every second this way or is there a better method I should look into or approach. Any help is much appreciated and I am willing to provide any other information that is needed if this post is not clear enough. Thank you for your time!


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Hello @YoelGee.

With the USB-231 module, a user can control the analog output channel(s) and digital output channel(s) while reading the analog input and digital input channels.  If you want to wait for 'x' amount of time, then you need to code your example to do so.



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