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USB-1024LS connections constantly reading high, even when connected to ground



I recently purchased a USB-1024LS from DigiKey, and some of the digital inputs on port A do not appear to be working in DAQami.  I can see A:0 and A:4 changing the graph when connected to GND, but not any of the other connections on that port – they just appear to read high constantly.


Am I doing something wrong, or have I received a faulty unit?

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Thanks for your reply.

The problem I'm facing is that if I connect a switch as shown on page 3-3 of the manual to port A:2, I cannot see it changing in DAQami when I toggle the switch, even if I only have that port enabled.  Port A:1 works fine.

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Hello @RLovely.

In your initial post, you mentioned that only channels PortA0 (pin 21) and PortA4 (pin 25) were working, but now PortA1 (pin 22) is also working.  Please check and/or replace your wires/switch and verify that the wires are secured in the screw terminal.





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