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InstaCal not reading both SwitchAndSense-8/8 devices



Using a USB-1208LS 8 Channel Data Acquisition USB DAQ Module and 2 Switch and Sense 8/8 boards. 

A power source went bad, said source was replaced and all connections were checked for damage and continuity.

InstaCal will now only register the USB DAQ and one board at a time (based on whichever was plugged in communication first), previously the boards had a seral number in the title in instacal but now whichever over board is showing no serial number is there.

The Leds flash for the connected board when checked. 

Let me know if there is any more information I can provide.


Pritesh Patel



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Hello @prit022s.

InstaCal can detect multiple MCC devices that are connected to USB and Ethernet ports.

Which version of InstaCal are you using?

Does each SwitchAndSense-8/8 device have a dedicated external power supply, i.e. the 9V supply that shipped with each device?


Can you retest each SwitchAndSense-8/8 device, but individually on a different Windows system?

Please reply with screen captures of each serial number.

The cb.cfg file in the 'C:\ProgramData\Measurement Computing\DAQ' folder contains information regarding any connected MCC devices.  Reply with that file or its contents.



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