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Suggestion Needed for the university lab

AppVision Australia

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Hi, we are the Digilent distributor from Australia.

I met with a professor from UNSW Sydney yesterday.

He mentioned to me that they still need something like NEXYS 4 DDR or similar to do the EE teaching lab.

However, they cannot use Vivado with Windows 11 so they are asking for alternatives.

Also he mentioned that there was circuit level stuffs on the NEXYS 4 DDR but not on the new version (I am not sure what he means actually).

If we can resolve these issues, there are potentially 200+ sets opportunity from them very soon.


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Unfortunately Vivado is pretty much required in order to use any of our FPGA boards at this point - ISE went away years ago. As I understand it, Vivado isn't officially supported in Windows 11, but I've heard mixed reports, potentially depending on what version gets installed. The Nexys boards don't have any particular limitation on Vivado version. In terms of workarounds, they might be able to get Vivado running inside of a virtual machine that runs a better-supported OS. Our Adept software works in Win 11 and could potentially be used to load bitstreams onto boards.



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