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Cmod A7 Artix 35T

David M Metts

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I want to use Digilent Adept to program a Cmod A7 Artix-7 35T that I just got. 

while attempting a scan chain I do not see Cmod A7 when browsing under board support.

How/where do I find the board support for the Cmod A7 so I am able to use Digilent Adept?

Please/thank you


PS please see the window I am I looking at in the image below:


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The Adept Utility for Windows is self contained, no board support files required.

It appears that the utility has found your board and identified it correctly.. Browse to the bitstream file that you want to configure your XCA35T device with and hit the Program button. The Adept Utility also has the Config and Settings pages to help if there are problems.

Digilent's Board Support files, or the xHub repository is for Vivado projects. If you use the HDL development flow I'd suggest avoiding choosing a board target for you projects and just select the correct device. 

Digilent's Adept Utility is, in my view, superior to Vivado's Hardware Manager for configuration, particularly if you are working with multiple boards at once. I've even used it to configure parts that it doesn't natively support by amending one text file.


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My assumption is that you've created a bitstream *.bit configuration file in Vivado or have downloaded a pre-built one for your board.

I know that Digilent has created a demo for use with the Adept Utility for Windows for some older boards, like the ATLYS, is that what you are looking for?

I use the Adept Utility to configure Xinlinx boards with applications that I've designed with Vivado or ISE. If you are wanting to just see your board do something out-of-the-box, then you can find a number of demo projects for it or from the Digiletn product page for your board.
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