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Register/Memory format of PCIe-DIO24 card to develop interface in QNX7.




I could not find any register/memory level documentation for PCIe-DIO24 card. I need to develop an interface for this card in QNX7 OS since driver is only available for Windows and Linux OS.

Is there any low level interface documentation?

Thank you

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On 1/23/2023 at 1:48 PM, Fausto said:

Hello @EbubekirTipi.

Your requested documentation is not available from MCC.  Take a look at this GitHub repository https://github.com/wjasper/Linux_Drivers.  You may find some answers in those source files and/or reach out to the developer of those (third-party) drivers.



I had a quick look. It is more than expected. Thank you Fausta. 

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