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Can i control Adept2 (Adept.exe) from command line


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HI, I was given a task to automate programming a cpld.  I can use Adept2 software GUI and the JTAG HS3 cable to program our product. However, I need to control the process via computer control.  Are there command line commands i can use with adept2?  If so what are they?  If not is there another software tool that i should be using?  I'm not a developer but a test engineer attempting to automate the programming of a product.




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Hi @LWW21

Welcome to the forums.

There's an Adept SDK download available in the Adept resource center that can be used to build applications that take advantage of it. The download includes some examples in the samples folder, along with some instructions on getting Visual Studio set up to build the apps, but I'm not sure if it's been updated or run through recently. There should be some materials in there that could help. There aren't any prebuilt command line applications however.



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