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Exporting data from multiple DAQs to one CSV file




We are using DAQami to monitor several USB-TC DAQs, and then exporting the data to a CSV file for analysis. Each USB-TC is a separate device in DAQami and exports to a separate CSV file. We then have to open/copy/paste data each individual file into a combined spreadsheet. This can be quite cumbersome when we're monitoring many DAQs.

Is there some way to have DAQami export all of the data to a single spreadsheet? We are currently using the free version of DAQami. If this version can't do it, is there a paid version with this capability?


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Hello @KevinJST.

DAQami generates binary files in the TDMS (Technical Data Management Streaming) format and are saved to the 'C:\Users\{username}\Documents\Measurement Computing\DAQami' default directory.  You can open that file in Microsoft Excel (using the TDM Excel Add-In), NI LabVIEW, MATLAB, etc.  There is no automation in the software to continuously convert and parse these TDMS files to csv.  That is something you would need to do manually.

There is no advanced version of DAQami.  However, you may want to consider DASYLab or NI LabVIEW for other capabilities.  





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