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Debugging or Repair Support for USB-2416-4AO: External 5 V supply not working



Hi MCC Technical Support,

The website directed me to this forum to get support with potential repair issues. My USB-2416-AO's external 5 V 10 mA supply is no longer working. It is still under the 1 year limited warranty, if that applies. I also use it with the 32 AI expansion device.

Serial Number: 2065249

I left a voicemail a few minutes ago about this issue at the number on MCC's site 800.234.4232.

Thank you,

Adam Matthews

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Hello @ajrmatt-sab.

Your USB-2416-4AO is within the one-year warranty.  With the external power supply and USB cable connected to the USB-2416-4AO, launch MCC's InstaCal application on a Windows system.  Is the device detected by InstaCal?  Connect a multimeter to screw terminal #35 (+5V) and screw terminal #36 (GND), but do not just touch the top of the screws.  Insert the probes or wires and screw them down.  If you do not have a multimeter, loop a wire from the +5V screw terminal #35 to screw terminal #2 (CH0H) and another wire from screw terminal #36 (GND) to screw terminal #3 (CH0L).  In InstaCal, configure channel 0 to be differential.  Afterwards, using the top menu, go to TEST - ANALOG.  What is the reading displayed for channel 0?  




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