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InstaCal (Version 6.73) keeps auto-changing thermocouple AI channel settings



I am using a USB-2416.  In InstaCal, I am configuring Channels 12-15 for Type K thermocouples.  After setting the proper configuration for the channels, the channel settings are being changed/reset back to Type J.  Sometimes, the channel types are changed from thermocouple back to voltage.  How do I set and then maintain my channel configurations?  Thanks.

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Hello @Brendan.

What OS are you using?

What are the firmware versions shown in InstaCal?  The current firmware is available here:  https://www.mccdaq.com/firmware.aspx

Please detail your steps to reproduce the issue and include screen captures.

I was able to configure the channels on one Windows system and connect my USB-2416 to a different Windows system, which showed my channel updates.



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