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Zedboard In DDR_INIT_FAIL for petalinux installation



Hi everyone, 

Thanks for clicking on this post to help. I am relatively new to the Zedboard and am currently trying to put petalinux 2019.1 on it and connect it to a VGA monitor with some simple QT program. I've been testing it multiple times before and it has been working great. However, now something has happened with my board.

It first started when I downloaded the VGA connection into the PL part and built a new petalinux image using those hardware files and put them on the SD card. I realized that the blue light was not lighting up and nothing was shown in the console. Originally I thought this was fine because the BOOT.BIN might have been compiled wrong. 

However, now, even when putting a successful image.ub and BOOT.BIN onto the SD card, which has worked previously before, when I try to test the linux kernel via UART, the blue light does not even light up and there is no console output in the serial debug assistant (note serial debug assistant is just similar to tera term). Then randomly yesterday I finally got an output (that I have yet to reproduce) which states that DDR_INIT_FAIL . I'm wondering if there was anything that I could have done to cause this error and would just like my zedboard to be working again! 

Everything I have been doing before was the exact same, just wondering if the hardware could be compromised and if yes how I could test it. 

Any help is appreciated!


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