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USB - 3103

Imteaz Osmani


Hi Dear Concerned, 

We are using USB-3103 to control the flow rate of mass flow controllers (Alicat MC 1.00 SLPM) through LabVIEW. Everything was running fine. Suddenly one day, the computer was not turning on, therefore, IT gave a windows update and after that everything got reset. LabVIEW can't recognize the mass flow controller. Instacal detects a connection but still couldn't operate the mass flow controllers. Require help in syncing the mass flow controllers with Instacal and Labview? 

P/N: 19576A-03L
S/N: 2065A44

Imteaz Osmani
University of North Dakota 

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Hello @Imteaz Osmani.

Which versions of Windows, InstaCal, and LabVIEW do you have currently installed?

If your Windows OS was updated to Windows 11, then you should install the current release of InstaCal.  Please use the following link to download the software packages.  Select InstaCal and ULx for NI LabVIEW during the installation.


Afterwards, connect your module and launch InstaCal.  If your module is detected and working in InstaCal, then close InstaCal and run your LabVIEW vi.



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