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WebDAQ 316 Rest API - get job data application/octet-stream



I have successfully used the API to read schedule and job descriptors, but I am trying to read the job data. The API documentation says that when reading job data the Content-type is application/octet-stream which is ultimately binary data. How can I actually read this when all the other responses are content-type: application/json?

What file extension will let me read the binary data? Or is there a way to convert it after receiving the response? What is the correct format for the octet-stream? The API documentation does not say.

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I have looked at the VB and Python examples but they only help so much. I'm beginner proficiency in both I would say. I am trying to read max value from each channel using Zoho Deluge language part of the Zoho Creator web app platform. I can retrieve the job data response successfully. Its after that I am not understanding how to take a file object or in this case array object and read it out. Their support says since the function executes to get the data successfully that it isn't a problem with them and won't help.

I suppose its possible their platform (mostly coded in node.js and javascript) does not have a way to handle a byte array?

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