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Using an USB-1408FS board with TracerDAQ

Alex Mayzel


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Hello @Alex Mayzel.

Are you attempting to install the base version of TracerDAQ or TracerDAQ PRO?

Which Windows OS are you using?

Download the current release of the MCC DAQ software.  https://mcc.download.ni.com/downloads/MCCDaqCD/mccdaq.exe

Launch the installation and when prompted to select software packages, select InstaCal, TracerDAQ (base version), and DirectX.

Take a look at this YouTube video:  https://youtu.be/MKphaKLeoCE 

After the installation has completed, connect your module to the target system and launch InstaCal.  After InstaCal has detected your USB-1408FS device, close InstaCal and launch TracerDAQ.  Select Strip Chart and then press the Run button.



From the top menu, select Edit - Channel Settings to specify the number of channels.





Click the OK button.  From the top menu again, select Edit - DAQ Hardware Settings.



Set the DAQ Device, DAQ Channel, and DAQ Range/Mode for each channel and then click the OK button.



To begin an acquisition, click the start icon or from the top menu select Action - Daq - Start.



Does that resolve your issue?





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