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Accidental Overvoltage an E-1608-OEM; Looking to Repair Myself




I am working with a E1608-OEM PCB.


I accidentally put 24VDC on the DIO2 (W2 header pin 3), which was set up as an input.

So now when I try a direct digital output from DIO0 (W2 header pin 1), to DIO2 I see no input reading. (Utilizing the DAQ Ami Software)

So, I am pretty certain that I damaged that input.

I don’t have a schematic, but I would like to figure out which component was likely damaged and see if I can replace that component myself.

Thank you.

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On 12/6/2022 at 5:35 PM, Fausto said:

Hello @Ryan_B.

Regrettably Measurement Computing has a firm policy of not releasing any schematics.



How about just a comment on which component is most likely damaged and its part number? i.e. is there a level shifting or buffer component prior to the PIC32?

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