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USB-1608G Digital output problem



We are currently checking out the USB-1608G device.

The digital I/O channels are in default configuration (pull down).

Using the InstaCal,  Board Test tool we are checking out the digital channels.

Internal DIO: Pass

External DI: Pass on all channels

External DO: Fail, (only DIO0 is moving to high (4,6VDC), all other channel DIO1-7 do not move to high level)


Is there any special wiring or jumper configuration required in order to have the digital out working?

If yes, please provide the appropriate setup instruction.

Any further troubleshooting information will be appreciated.

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Hello @Franz-Xaver.

There is no special wiring, but your probe should be inserted into the screw terminal, not touching the top of the screwhead.  Does the 'External DO' test display a 'Fail' status or do you not measure the correct output level on your DVM? 



If you continue to have an issue, please reply with your device's serial number as shown in InstaCal.






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