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MCC 128 DaqHat raspberry Pi and Docker



Has anyone had any luck or pointers for getting the MCC 128 hardware compiled and be able to use it within a docker instance to run the code on a Raspberry pi?

I can compile on the raspberry pi, but the ctypes module won't load the .so library, or if we can, it can't find any of the DAQ Hat addresses attached. When running the docker instance, I have tried to give access to the GPIO pins etc, using the flag --device /dev/gpiomem and also running with the flag --privileged but it can't get all the right libraries. 


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Hello @AndyLeonard.

MCC engineering is not familiar with nor ever tested the Docker image/container.  At present, there are no plans to add support for Docker.  In the past, customers have attempted to use MCC (USB) hardware with a virtual environment, but the hardware is not accessible by a virtual environment, given that the virtual OS is unable to access a physical USB port on the host system.  I understand that you are not using a USB device, but as I stated, support for Docker was not added.



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