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DAQmi Export Issue



Hello,  I am currently using DAQami v4.2.1 to log approximately 64 thermocouple readings. The target duration of the logging is 24 hours with a poll rate of 1 second. Previously I have been able to start recording through DAQami and stop recording at the 24hr mark, after which is exports an excel file with the data. More recently when I have stopped the recording at the 24hr point, the application shows a loading animation and message "finalizing data file", though it does not progress beyond this. 

I'm wondering if anyone knows what might be causing the app to not be able to export the logged data all of a sudden? 





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Hello @MichaelH.

Since you were successful previously, were any settings changed in DAQami?  Any OS or third-party anti-virus software updates?  Any background tasks (i.e. virus scan) running when the data is being saved?  Are you able to save the data for shorter acquisitions?  Any restrictions saving to the target destination on your system?



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