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ZYBO-Z720 Audio CODEC I2C pins


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I'm testing an audio project and I'm trying to connect the PS I2C to the audio CODEC via the MIO interface.

The reference manual says that the CODEC SCL and SDA are connected to N17 & N18 pins on the FPGA but it doesn't say which MIO ports are used.


1. How would I normally find this information within Vivado (or elsewhere)?

2. How do I map the I2C MIO ports to the physical pins, N17 & N18?





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N17 and N18 are PL I/O pins - the I2C interface for the codec is connected to the PL I/O banks rather than the PS. You can connect a PS I2C peripheral to these pins via E(xtended)MIO, however Digilent doesn't have any examples which do this. In order to determine which MIO (or EMIO) pins a peripheral is connected to, you add the Zynq PS block to a block diagram, apply the preset configuration to it using block automation, and open up it's configuration wizard. This is also where you are able to change which I/Os a peripheral is connected to. In the case of using EMIO, you will also need to make sure the EMIO pins are connected to ports in the block design, and add location constraints to place those ports on the right physical I/O pins.

Here's a screenshot of where to find out which peripherals are enabled and connected to which MIO pins:


And a screenshot of how to create ports which connect to the new I2C EMIO port on the Zynq PS block:




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