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JTAG programing modules for Microchip FPGAs


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JTAG at AMD/XILINX is the same JTAG at Intel/Altera which is the same JTAG at Microchip/Microsemi. You can add Lattice and any other logic vendor to th elist. Configuration at all of these places is similar but not identical. What's connected to the end of the JTAG chain is certainly not identical. The ID codes that identify the part is certainly different for devices for any of those vendors.

To answer your question; I don't know, but I wouldn't have any expectation that you could get any software programming tool from any of these vendors to configure any device from any of the vendors using Digilent JTAG modules. Is it possible to use generic hardware to configure or debug any programmable device? Probably. Is that going to help you? Not likely.
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