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NOEL-ARTYA7 Programming and Debugging with GRMON



Hello Expert,

I followed the NOEL-ARTYA7-EX Quick Start Guide (link) and met a problem at step 3.6 (Programming the bitstream).

The toolchains I'm using:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 (standalone, not WSL version or in a virtual box)
  • Digilent Arty A7 FPGA Development Board (A7-100T version)
  • Xilinx Vivado 2019.1 to program the FPGA
  • GRMON 3.2.18 64-bit eval version


The bitstream was found in the Link. There is NOEL-ARTYA7 FPGA configuration files at the bottom. Since there's no EX1 processor, I chose the MC64-SC and downloaded the bitstreams to the target board. Then the HARDWARE MANAGER in vivado should be closed.


Now the target board should have the NOEL-ARTY SOC (correct me pls if I'm wrong.). I continue to debug the target board with the GRMON. I chosed the uart debug link. And the port should be ttyUSB1 bucause all other ports (ttyS0-9) give me Input or Output error. But it has no access to the target board.


I also tried the digilent debug link, which needs the specific digilent adept runtime drive. But it gave me the following errors. Does this debug link method need a specific digilent HS1/HS2/HS3/SMT2/SMT3 cables? I used just a normal type A to type B cable XDDDD.


What should I do to go further with this GRMON debug tool? Or is the bitstream actually not the right one?

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Hi @ciaociao,

Based on your screenshots, it looks like the board was successfully configured, but the connection between the PC and the GRMON hardware debugger isn't being established correctly. I'm not familiar with the methodology you're using here, but a Digilent JTAG module should not be needed for this - the documents linked indicate that the Arty's onboard JTAG programming circuitry is being used.

I would recommend reaching out to Gaisler for further information on how to use this debugging method.



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