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BTH 1208LS bluetooth 2.1 compatibility with VUZIX BLADE bluetooth low energy. Update the BTH bluetooth ?



Hello everyone, 

We have bought recently a BTH 1208LS DAQ device and we want connect it to a VUZIX BLADE AR glasses.

But the VUZIX BLADE can't be paired with the BTH 1208 LS. We are looking to fix this problem without succes.

We are looking to get more informations about the type of Bluetooth used by the BTH. From the user guide, it seems to be a Bluetooth 2.1.


Is any one know how to upgrade the bluetooth driver of the BTH ?


The VUZIX blade is running with Bluetooth low energy.

Are the two device bluetooth compatible ? (BLE with 2.1 bluetooth)


Thanks a lot for any answers.


Best regards

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Here is a link to the Quick Start pdf.


After reviewing the Vuzix Blade user manual, you cannot connect a BTH-1208LS device directly to the VUZIX BLADE AR glasses.  The manual mentions connecting the glasses to an Android phone via the Companion app.  Since the BTH-1208LS is only supported under Windows and Android OS, you could try the Android phone route.



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