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CAD file or 2d drawing of the OEM DS-USB-1208FS-Plus



I was hoping you could send me a 2d drawing or 3d CAD model for the OEM DS-USB-1208FS-Plus product?

I am hoping for the dimensions for USB socket, mating header part number and screw hole locations relative to the board

I am designing these into a device and need to know the location of the screw holes and what size header connectors I will need to purchase to connect to.

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2 hours ago, Fausto said:

Hello @curbina.

The 2D mechanical drawing is on page 18 of the user's guide.


The two signal connectors on the board are 20-pin, 0.1 inch pitch headers, with height of 0.33 inch.

Attached is a 3D STEP file.



USB-xx08PLUS-OEM.STEP 15.3 MB · 0 downloads

Thank you much appreciated!


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