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Need statement of volatility for USB-2627?



Is there information, basically a statement/letter of volatility, for a USB-2627?

We'd need info such as, types and quantities of memory inside, whether or not it's user accessible, whether it's volatile or non-volatile memory, and what, if anything, needs to be done to erase any proprietary data from the non-volatile memory.

Would a procedure in Dasylab, such as acquiring for 60 seconds with no inputs connected, be sufficient to clear any memory?

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Hello @Brooose.

Attached is the Certificate of Volatility for MCC's USB-26xx Series boards.


For the volatile memory, you could acquire sufficient (junk) data into the analog input FIFO via DASYLab to overwrite user data or just remove power from the board.

For the non-volatile memory in the EEPROM, DASYLab will not clear this memory.  In order to overwrite user data region (0x7940-0x7FF7), use Universal Library functions cbOutByte, cbOutWord, or cbOutDoubleWord, as indicated in the attachment.



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