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How to Update Firmware for MCC DAQ on Raspberry Pi 4



I'm using a USB-1208HS-4AO on a Raspberry Pi4 with the uldaq library from MCC. When i run the example python code "a_in.py", I select my DAQ board that is plugged in, and i get the error...

uldaq.ul_exception.ULException: ULError.INCOMPATIBLE_FIRMWARE: Incompatible firmware version, firmware update required

I went to the MCC website....


.... to download a driver update "USB-1208HS-4AO.iic", but i do not know what to do with this file. I'm able to run this python code successfully with other diligent boards.

Can you provide me with instruction to update the firmware?

EDIT: firmware with InstaCal on Windows was easy.  Would be nice to have Linux compatible version. 

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Found solution
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