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Genesys ZU3 SD Card Boot Intermittent



Booting my Genesys-ZU board with the SD card that shipped with it always results in a good boot.

I tried rebuilding the OOB project in Vivado and PetaLinux.  I program my SD card, and I get a good boot with it.  If I cycle power on the Genesys-ZU, I get a failed boot, unless I leave the power switch off for a long period of time (several minutes).  Then I get a good boot again.

What could be wrong with the SD card image I created that would result in behavior like this?

Attached is the console output captured.  golden.txt is the boot with the shipped SD card, cap1.txt shows a bad boot with the card I programmed, cap2.txt shows a good boot after the board sat idle for several minutes.

golden.txt cap1.txt cap2.txt

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Some SD cards work better than others, and we tested the one in the kit for compatibility at the maximum data rate supported.

Your failing images get stuck in u-boot after the BootROM and the FSBL have already successfully read the SD card. I suspect it has to do with the u-boot driver trying for UHS-I speeds at 208 MHz. Something fails during line tuning and results in errors. Going back to High-Speed mode at 3.3V should work with any SD card out there. This can be done from the device-tree: https://support.xilinx.com/s/article/69978?language=en_US.

There are plenty of bugs in the SD controller driver and you can check Xilinx's changelog here: https://xilinx-wiki.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/A/pages/18842090/SD+controller.

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I have attached the results of boots for the "golden" image shipped with the ZU3 board, one I programmed on a Kingston SD card, and one I programmed on a Samsung SD card.  I stopped the autoboot to get to the U-Boot prompt, where I did mmc info and mmc part commands.

It looks like I have similar partitions set up compared to the golden image.  Note that both the Kingston image is flaky, (sometimes boots, mostly not), and I only on some boots does the mmc part command show the proper partition.

Comparing the golden to others, the primary differences I see are that the Kingston shows up in 1-bit wide mode, where the others a 4-bit.  The kingston also has a sdhci_set_clock timeout message.

There is also a disagreement between the Xilinx UG1144 and Digilent ZU3 Getting Started in terms of how many partitions and what type, and what files go into the partitions.

sd_golden.txt sd_kingston.txt sd_samsung.txt

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