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Non-Windows Support for IOtech Personal DAQ/56?



I recently came into possession of an IOtech Personal DAQ/56 with a PDQ1 Expansion Module. Seems like a great little piece of hardware except that it appears to me that the only software available to it is the legacy IOtech Personal DaqView. Is there any software available for non-Windows OS? Or better yet, any Python/C/C++ libraries? I see in the documentation API references to VB, C, and Delphi but I wasn't able to quite find the libraries (maybe I'm just bad at looking)?


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Hello @Poltech.

The IOtech Personal DAQ/50 Series devices are legacy products, so there is limited support.  Please reference the following MCC Knowledgebase articles.






User's Manual:  https://www.mccdaq.com/pdfs/manuals/personal_daq50_series.pdf



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