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where is the documents for petalinux development?



Now I want to play with gpio. The gpio_demo.c has some simple remark on how to find the gpio_base from /sys/class/gpio. but that was much too simple.

From google the only resource I can locate is http://www.wiki.xilinx.com/Linux+GPIO+Driver

Do you have some better and well orgnized document? like pdf I can download and read it when I do not have internet?


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Hey Dakefeng,

I'm not 100% certain what to suggest for you as far as a guide for playing around with GPIO. Is there any particular feature you are interested in at this point, or that you are looking to add into a project?

For PetaLinux development materials specifically, Xilinx is going to be you primary source. We have only recently begun developing demos and projects with the PetaLinux tools, so any extensive guides we may produce are currently forthcoming. Presently, the best suggestion I have for you as far as offline reading goes would be the various pdfs that Xilinx has created for PetaLinux development (the links are below). From what I have gone over of them so far, there is useful information about the tools and development process to be taken from each of these. Hopefully these are helpful, and let us know if you end up finding any other interesting tutorials!

PetaLinux Reference Guide

PetaLinux Getting Started Guide

PetaLinux Workflow Tutorial


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Thanks, 1144 and so on, I have ready read for almost hundred times. Just realize that now I am already out of petalinux doc, it is the time that I should look for linux programing, kernel, modules and so on.

I've dealt with gpio part, it is standard way through sysfs, not special structure. It works great so far,thank you.

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