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Is USB-DIO24 slower than PCI-DIO24?




I run a python program that generate the SPI signals on the digital input/output ports on PCI-DIO24 and USB-DIO24. The problem is on the PCI-DIO24 the SPI clock frequency is 20KHZ but in the USB-DIO24 it is about 20 HZ while the Python codes on both devices are identical.

Please guide me in this matter.

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Nim is no longer working on this project so I may follow up with more information or questions in the future.


But what we are doing is bit-banging SPI protocol on Port C of the DIO24. This has not been an issue with the PCI version but it's much slow after we have switched to the USB version.




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On 10/12/2022 at 1:50 PM, craig.benson said:

I also have a USB-DIO24 board and a PCI-DIO24 board that I am pulsing stepper motors with and the USB-DIO24 appears to be significantly slower.  While I understand there may be some software related dependency, it seems like the write times are significantly slower.

Glad we are not the only ones having this issue. Hopefully we can get a response from MCC Staff about this.

@Faustoany input about this?

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