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Code to read the USB-2637 Serial Number?



For the USB-2527 & USB-2537 I used the standard MCC NativeMethods.cbGetConfig() to get the USB board serial number.  I have tried this same method with the newer USB-2637 board and this NativeMethod.cbGetConfig() does not seem to work.  What's up? Is there another method to programmatically get the USB-board serial number? 

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Hello @SDI_Chuck.

With regards to the UL API function, 'cbGetConfigString()', there is no difference noted in the UL Help file, between the USB-2600 Series and the USB-2500 Series devices.







Was the USB-2637 detected by InstaCal, before running your code?

Does InstaCal show the USB-2637 serial number?

Which version of InstaCal are you using?




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