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Use MCC 118 on a odroid c4 board




I am trying to find alternatives to the use of Raspberry Pi to run the mcc118 shield. I am now trying to use an Odroid C4 board but I am encountering some issues. I modified part of the code that is provided with the shield to make it compatible with the Odroid mapping but the SPI communication seems to have some issues. Before investigating more. I was wondering if someone already tried to do this and if the Odroid can indeed be used or if there are complete incompatibilities. I can give further details of the modification I made if needed. Any suggestion on what to check or do would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks already!


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Hello @StephanieK.

The MCC DAQ HAT boards were designed and tested for use with all Raspberry Pi models, with the 40-pin GPIO connector.

A full list of the interface specifications for the MCC 118 is located on page 3 of the electrical specifications document. 

The image below shows the GPIO pins used by MCC's DAQ HAT modules (118, 128, 134, 152, and 172) with the Raspberry Pi.





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Thanks a lot Fausto for that diagram. It is really clear. It confirms that the GPIO pins of the Odroid are mostly compatible. The only pin with which I have a problem is the pin 37 (GPIO26). On the Odroid it is an Analog to Digital Input. I rewired everything and connected another GPIO of the Odroid to pin 37 of the DAQHAT. I also changed the GPIO number in the util.c file to match my change. For the moment, I still have problems with the SPI communication, but I'll continue investigate.

Thanks again for your help.


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