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USB-TC gives intermittent error in LabVIEW



I made a LabVIEW 2017 application that reads 3 channels of temperature data from a USB-TC using the ULx functions. It has been working well for several months, but now intermittently gives wildly inaccurate values and an error from the ULx Read vi of Error Code -10001 "...thermocouple input channel returned an invalid temperature ...". Sometimes it reads correctly, sometimes not as the application runs, no changes made by the user. It can affect one, two or all three channels. No loose connections could be found. Any ideas on troubleshooting this issue?  

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Hello @Fauvent.

Do you have another USB-TC module to swap in and test?

Do you have another system to test with that module and VI, even in a different environment?

Is that system controlled by your network administrator?

Any OS updates recently?

Any motors, pumps or EMF's running near the USB-TC and thermocouples when the issue occurs?




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