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DAQami software

Lee Zhong


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Hello Fausto,

Thank you for this info.

I am trying to fix an issue with the data logger USB-2416-4AO which I am currently using for pressure data logging. The reading is jumping around while the out put of the pressure transcuders are stable. Two photos are attached. The first one is the logging while the pressure for both channels were stable at 0 psi, i.e., no pressure was applied to the pressure transducers. The second photo is the wire connections for channels 1 and 2.

This system had worked properly for serveral weeks but now it starts to do the "jumping".

What could be the cause of this issue and how can it be fixed? 

Thank you for helping.



Data logger wiring-2.JPG

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Hello @Lee Zhong.

Did you configure the channels to be differential inputs, in DAQami?

Please provide screen captures of DAQami's configuration.

Remove both pairs of wires and connect a jumper wire between terminals 2 & 3 and another jumper between terminals 6 & 7.

Please share your data results.

Next, remove the first jumper and connect one pair of wires from your sensor.

Please share your data results.




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Here are the photos.

1. Configuration

2. With 2 jumpers. Two resistors connected 

3. The first jumper removed and a P sensor attached, with resistors connected. 

4. With 2 jumpers. No resistors connected 

5. The first jumper removed and a P sensor attached, with no resistors connected. 

Thank you.






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