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sporadic error "digital device is not responding - is base adress correct?"



Dear anyone out there willing to help,

I'm a software developer at a german company located in the south of germany.
My task is to program test and production systems.
We solve these tasks with C# programming and use to control the USB module 1208FS-Plus the MccDaq.dll in version
We use the USB module 1208FS-Plus to control small loads by means of the digital outputs and to query system states by means of the digital inputs.
For controlling the digital outputs the following function provided in MccDaq is used. 

public ErrorInfo DOut(DigitalPortType portNum, short dataValue)

To read the digital inputs the following function provided in MccDaq.dll is used

public ErrorInfo DIn(DigitalPortType portNum, out ushort dataValue)

Likewise the following function

public ErrorInfo AInScan(int lowChan, int highChan, int numPoints, ref int rate, Range range, IntPtr memHandle, ScanOptions options)

is used in combination with the following

public static ErrorInfo WinBufToArray(IntPtr memHandle, short[] dataArray, int firstPoint, int numPoints)

for recording several analog signals for a certain period of time in order to be able to evaluate them afterwards.
Here we go to the limit of the USB module and record 4 channels, with a sampling rate of 10000 samples/second and allocate 50000 measured values.

This method has been used in my company for several years and has become established.
Especially with this program, however, the following error appears now and then (every 30 minutes)

"digital device is not responding - is base adress correct?"

The complete USB communication of the PC crashes and can only be solved by restarting the system.

Has anyone ever had to deal with these sporadic errors and can give me any tips.

Thanks a lot together.

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Hello @timo1803.

You mentioned that your application has been established for several years.  Has this error been happening all this time or is the error new?  If the error is new, is it reproducible with other PC models?  Is it reproducible with another USB-1208FS-PLUS module?  Are you connecting the USB-1208FS-PLUS module directly to the PC or to a USB hub?  If connecting to a USB hub, is it an externally powered hub?  Which version of Windows are you using?

MccDaq.dll v2.1.0.0 was last released with MCC's Universal Library for Windows and InstaCal v6.30 circa August 30, 2013.

Can you install the current release of MCC's software (for Windows) on a current Windows OS system, rebuild your application, and then test it?  




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