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strange error may because of shell?



When I am doing petalinux-config, I got error like this:


INFO: Checking component...

INFO: Config linux [INFO ] config linux *** End of the configuration. ***

Execute 'make' to start the build or try 'make help'.

/bin/sh: 1: pushd: not found

/bin/sh: 1: popd: not found

make: *** [post-config-auto-config] Error 127 ERROR: Failed to post config linux ERROR: Failed to config component linux

Usually this is because shell not bash, but I am pretty sure I am using bash.. Unless the ubuntu 16 is using dash??? in my /etc/passwd it shows my shell is /bin/bash

by the way, I noticed when I am sourcing settings64.sh from petalinux, there is warning 

WARNING: /bin/sh is not bash


Does someone face same problem too?

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Hey Dakefeng,

Sorry for the delayed reply due to the long weekend. As you have observed, the recommended shell for PetaLinux is Bash. I am not certain what you mean by making a link from bin/sh to bin/bash, however there are a couple ways to change the default shell. If you haven't already, I would suggest using the chsh command and linking to /bin/bash, such as

chsh -s /bin/bash

There are a handful of other dependencies that PetaLinux has that are easy to overlook. The PetaLinux reference guide has a list of packages you should install in order for the program to run properly, starting on page 9 I believe.


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