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DT8837 Additional Questions (Continuous Measurements, QuickDAQ)



Since there are no answers, I am writing a new one.

The method you mentioned in the previous post is already being applied to the system.

It was applied to stop and restart the measurement twice in the early morning when the machine to be measured was not operating.

Confirmed that it works well for 10 days. (25600 sampling)

However, in the case of other measuring systems to be applied in the future, 

this problem must be solved because the operation is carried out 24 hours a day.


I have one more question. The QuickDAQ program provided by dt8837 has the same problem.

As shown in the attached picture, if Enable Continuous Acquisition is turned off and Duration is set to 2day,

it is automatically set to 11:39:03 (hh:mm:ss). (51200 sampling)

If turn on the option and proceed with measurement, the measurement graph screen stops when the scan index becomes 2147450880.

I'm guessing the cause of the freeze in QuickDAQ is the same as what I asked.

Is it possible to fix the problem by modifying the windows driver of DT8837?



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Hello @idsnt3.

The DT8837 IVI-COM driver is only a 32-bit driver, which is why QuickDAQ and the IVI examples (including the VI examples) stop capturing data during your long term tests.  There is no plan to release a 64-bit IVI-COM driver for the DT8837.

Try using the SCPI example found in the following directory.
'C:\Program Files (x86)\Data Translation\Instruments\DT8837\SCPI Support\Examples'



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