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WEBDAQ-316 not connecting directly to PC via ethernet



I am following the directions in the WEBDAQ-316 user manual but I can not directly connect my PC to the WEBdaq.  I can connect via a LAN. I feel I am missing something.   Here is what the manual saus:

Connecng directly to a PC Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the connector on the WebDAQ rear panel, and connect the other end directly to the Ethernet port on a PC. The WebDAQ aempts to communicate with the host PC using – the link-local address stored on the device. The host PC may accept this address or use a different address. The link-local address is valid only for communicaons between the WebDAQ and the host PC to which it is connected.

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Hello @stephanie.peck.

Disconnect the external power supply and Ethernet cable from your WebDAQ-316 device.  Afterwards, reconnect the Ethernet cable first and then the external power supply.  Once the top two LEDs are green, open a web browser and enter into the URL field. 

If that does not work, use a paper clip to press the CONFIG RESET button for a few seconds.  After the device reboots, open a web browser and enter into the URL field.  Any luck?



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