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When deployed to Heroku, python setup.py egg info did not run successfully.

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Hi everybody,
I joined this group to learn more about web development. And I'm facing some issue! Can somebody help me?

After deploying and hosting my website, I upgraded my pip version. Then I installed the pypaystack package. When I try to push to Heroku, I get the error shown below. In the development stage, the project is running smoothly.

What can be the issue? I even created a new virtual environment but the error remains.

I'm hoping that this community will assist me on my path.

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This Forum is not dedicated to web development, so I do not anticipate that you will find a lot of resources here that will be able to assist you in a helpful way, or at least the Digilent staff does not have any particular recommendations for you.

Good luck on your project though.


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