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Windows 11 with DaqOEM/2005

C-Note Richards


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Hello Fausto, Thank you for the reply. The DaqOEM/2005  is the same guts as a DaqBook/2005. It is an Ethernet connection to the PC, so there is no PCI interface. According to mccdaq, the DaqOEM/2005 works with Windows 10. I can no longer get Windows 10. They will only sell me Windows 11. 

I also know the DaqBook/2005 and the DaqOEM/2005 software has not been updated to run on anything later than Windows 7. 

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you again, C-Note

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Dear @C-Note Richards,

Have you downloaded and installed the IOtech utilities (DaqIPConfig and DaqX) onto your Windows 11 system?


Does your DaqOEM/2005 already have a static IP or do you need to set its IP address?

Please reference the user's manual beginning with step 5 on PDF page 49 - 55.


I understand an older version of Windows was used for documentation, but it can still be used as a guide.

Please reply with comments, questions, and screen captures if you have issues.




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Hello Fausto, Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. My Windows 11 computers just arrived. I will hook up a DaqOEM/2005 when I get a moment, and see if it will work or give hiccups. I will report back with all my findings. Thank you and I will talk to you soon. C-Note.

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