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Does QuickDAQ require a software license key?



Posted on behalf of a customer.


We recently purchased a DT9857E-16 module and downloaded the Data Translation OMNI software's installation files onto our Windows 10 system.  Included in the OMNI installation was QuickDAQ.   https://www.mccdaq.com/Products/Data-Acquisition-Software/QuickDAQ

During the QuickDAQ installation, a message window appeared with an option to 'Enter License'.




I did not receive a software license key with my order.  Do I need one?

Thank you.

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The first 14 days of QuickDAQ is a trial period and a user has full access to all of the supported FFT Analysis options.  If a software license is not entered by the end of the trial period, then the FFT Analysis options are disabled.  Note, without a license key, a user can still continue to use QuickDAQ in the data logging mode only.  A FFT Analysis or an Advanced FFT Analysis license key can be purchased online (https://www.mccdaq.com/Products/Data-Acquisition-Software/QuickDAQ) and then entered via QuickDAQ's License Info window.  (An email with a purchased license key will be sent to the buyer's email address.)


Click on 'Enter License'.  Next, copy and paste the license key and then click the 'Apply' button.


Afterwards, QuickDAQ will restart and a user can select their Data Translation (DT) module to acquire data. 


Click the 'Add' button first followed by the 'OK' button.



(Note:  QuickDAQ only supports Data Translation modules.  Click on the following link for a list of supported DT products.  https://www.mccdaq.com/pdfs/manuals/DT-Hardware-Support-QuickDAQ.pdf)


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