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ZedBoard-FMC-Pcam-Adapter-Dual-Camera-2018.2-1 Problem



Dear Sir,

When I use this demo, And according to the step (https://digilent.com/reference/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/zedboard-fmc-pcam-adapter-dual-camera-demo/start) (GitHub - Digilent/ZedBoard- fMC-PCam - Adapter-demo) After operation, the UART serial port can print messages (I only have a Camera 5C Camera). The display can receive VGA output, but the output is gray image. And no image output from the camera is collected.微信图片_20220509212004.jpg微信图片_20220509212011.png

With system. ss configured, drivers in the system_wrapper_hw_platform_0 directory have nothing to do with D-PHY and video zoomers, but "board support pack setup" is normal.

So I don't know what my problem is, resulting in no video stream output. Please answer my question.image.png.54f70f4b623480c78cfbc3833401ee3f.png1158769095_QQ20220509214625.thumb.png.1de57d6256d94743ae771defac33d13c.png

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