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'digilentinc' vendor not appearing when starting new project (Vivado 2021.2)).

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I recently installed Vitis onto Arch Linux, in an attempt to program my new Arty A7.  While starting a new project and selecting a default Xilinx part or board for the project, I am only shown boards from the vendor xilinx.com. After refreshing to pull down the most recent list, the list goes blank (screenshots attached). I'm trying to select my board (Arty A7 35T). Has anyone else run into this (and hopefully found a workaround)?

I read somewhere that selecting the correct board isn't strictly necessary, can anyone confirm?


* This is my first foray into FPGAs/Vivado, so I'm a complete noob*

* I know Arch Linux isn't supported, but I'd prefer it over a Windows VM if possible.*



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