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     I'm working on a project for my senior design class and I'm trying to make an autonomous car using zybo z7-20 FPGA. So far I've been able to get the PCAM to work by following the project provided. My current hurdle is the fact that I can't seem to get the camera pixel data to work with. My approach has been to read the VDMA Frame buffer and I think I've been successful at doing that but I'm not quite sure how what I'm reading translates to pixel values. 

     When I read the buffer, I get 32 bit values but I assumed I'd get just 24 corresponding to RGB. I've read the AXI4-Stream Video IP and Design guide and on page 9, it seems to imply 24bit RGB values data format. Do I just ignore the last 8 bits from the frame buffer value? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hi @Quadri,

The PCam 5C is configured for the RAW10 format, so it won't be in the 24-bit arrangement as each pixel will be 10 bits of data for each color component. Because the AXI stream does the data transfer in chunks of 8, there will be some padded 0's on the MSB side to get to the next multiple of 8 (like you surmised). This forum thread has some additional information about this here:


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